0 transfers

Hi !
It seems f(x)wallet allows zero coin transfers (it happened to a friend) on ETH chain.
Would it be possible to ask for a specific confirmation in such case ?
Thanks !!

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What you mean by specific confirmation ?

Something like : “You’re about to process a transaction with 0 value. Are you sure ?”

Are you 100% sure? I thought, I tried once and it was not possible. but now I’m not sure.

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you will confirm that you send the number in final screen if someone don’t pay attention that’s there fault and they shouldn’t be using decentralized applications when not concentrating as they can have bigger mistakes and lead to bigger loss.

@KuzoIV ,
I’m fully aware it’s their fault. But I think the app would be better if it displayed a warning.
It’s our responsibility to try and make sure decentralized finance is accessible to the maximum number of people, not only experts.

I personally not sure what type of warning than showing number 0 in final confirmation screen.

@eduardstal is the right person to add your point in feedback list :raised_hands::fire: