2021 Q3 AMA : Please drop your questions

Hi guys and girls, please drop your question here. AMA happening in 24 hrs!


When is the PR token launching? There has not been any recent info on when the reward token is taking place.

You’ve chosen a decentralized marketing strategy! It’s a great idea to get the community involved in marketing. But how do you plan to motivate the participants !? Do you have a plan?

Hello pundix team!
It’s possible in near future to monitoring in real time haw many xpos devices are operating and see all stats about pundix chain (transactions, pundix fees, number of adresses and how much fee cumulated for next burn (amount reset after burn) …)
Thank you!

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A very important and very exciting issue of fees! How do you plan to deal with the rise in commissions?

This is really very cool !!!

Hi Zac.

I’ve hardly asked away in AMA’s, giving it a shot tonight.

  1. What entails with decentralized XPOS?
  2. New trading pair schedules, or roadmapping after PundiX chain?
  3. How many concurrent NDA’s?
  4. Marketing manager’s roles, outlined and suitability conditions requirements?
  5. Progress with PundiX proposals
  6. Information on XPOS expansions
  7. El Salvador updates
  8. XPOS TPS datas if available
  9. Any plans on PundiX e-commerce infrastructures
  10. Explanation about buy backs and how it works generally
  11. More token listing for XPOS likelihoods
  12. MAS updates
  13. Any news about XPOS desk developments?
  14. Legalities surrounding XPOS in US?

I can add more, but I feel this is a lot already and sorry if it burdens you or the team in any tricky position, such as surprises can be jeopardised, or not being able to disclose some information just yet, until closer to release time, which of course can be more impactful. But perhaps our foreknowledge can be a good thing… since we are all trying to take things to the next levels.

And congratulations with coin base pro.


what is our real action in el salvador, and can we compete with ‘lightning’ ?

When will XWALLET wallet be available in Ukraine?

According to the rating of the Triple A payment platform, there are more than 5.5 million cryptocurrency owners in Ukraine.

In relation to the percentage of the population, this is 12.73%.
And this is the first place in the world !!!

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I’m on the way to plant the Pundi X flag on Mars; can you send out more flags I think I’ll swing past Pluto!

actually when will codeless nodes be available for those that can’t code? Please

El Salvador update?

Have we targeted Large Retail, any hopefuls?

Will the team be looking for further funding from Angel investors / Venture Capital / Private Equity to further push and expand the Pundi X Ecosystem?

I mean, even established companies continue to pitch to investors to help them further boost their plans. I believe since the crypto payment space is still fairly new and Pundi X already have a solution for it, why not pitch to bigger investors?

Of course, the key question is how to meet and pitch to them.

Post Marketing Manager job listing in LinkedIn also

Hi Zac and the Team!
How are you going to solve the problem of rising transaction costs for netizens?

Do you plan to have pundix listed in more US registered exchanges? Like kraken, binance US, coinbase and Co? When will exchanges like kukoin, bitterex and Co start supporting direct deposit from fx core not etheruem fx? And I hope binance will roll out support for pundixchain upon launch.


Hi team and thanks for your great work. I’ve been a supporter since pre-IPO when I met some of your Tokyo-based team at an event and they demonstrated the XPOS proto.

Where on the roadmap are network updates for FX from the Xwallet? It’s currently bound to the ETH network, which makes it almost unusable for transferring tokens in and out.


Any updates on the technical aspect of FX blockchain for the gas fees?

Will it be fixable or… the gas fee will be stucked to the fixed FX gas fee.

Undelegating rewards cost 0.66 fx which is $1.22 USD
Delegating cost 0.9 fx which is $1.72 USD

Pretty big deal for this to be clarified because it’s quite expensive.

Will Pundi X Chain gas fee be the same? Will it follow dollar value or fixed pundix fee?

Will there be a bug bounty for white hat hackers to finds bugs to make the network more secure? Almost every big organization is doing it, including Binance, Crypto.com and many others through Hackerone.com even though they are already so established.

Very much recommend Bug Bounty Programs For Businesses | HackerOne if we are gonna use the ECG funds. Majority of the 10 Crypto Rankers all use them for bug finds.

Even Ethereum2.0 is having a bug bounty program for white hat hackers to find and report any findings.

Even exchanges like Binance and Gemini and many others also do bug bounty programs to make sure it is absolutely secure as this should be the number 1 priority in crypto space since it is fairly new.

Maybe ECG can be used for bug bounty program.

Once again, security is priority number 1, especially in the coding world where it is so dangerous, even a 1 letter typo can lead to things going haywire.

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Hi, visa and mastercard have enabled crypto credit cards, verifone has enabled crypto payment. How do you see xpos compete with that?

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They are still crypto returning to Fiat system, Pundix is a Crypto using Crypto as Crypto staying in the blockchain decentralised ecosystems, if you want to keep the middle man of banks and fee’'s in your life it’s all about choice they are the old system trying to stay relevant in the modern era. Punidx payment systems are about managing and being responsible to your own wealth as crypto was designed for. those others are not a relative eco system model, those other models are a centralised system and have their own said rules and barriers and a small select coin choice, Pundix will be open to all crypto anywhere anytime handled by you when you want


Thank you guys and girls, hope we answered most of the questions posted here on the AMA.