2022's first Function X All-Hands on 20th January GMT+8

@DavidK & @zaccheah can we drop our questions here for the upcoming meeting?


Hi @ive , you’re awesome. Let’s drop the questions here.

And if you want to speak, please also let us know here, so our coordinator Andreas and Judie know who to unmute from the get-go!


@zaccheah thnx.
I’m going to formulate some of my questions in here, need to think about them first.
But if possible. We used to have a countdown-timer on top of the forum. Is that something than could be installed again? It helps a lot (my opinion) for all those in different time frames. Thnx


When xpos and dex fx live

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  1. With the upcoming DEX.
  • Are you going to some marketing?
  • And have any of the FXDM funding been used already?
  1. WAGMI NFT’s
  • Concerning the astronaut NFT’s and the purse prize with it. I have mentioned it myself, but also other people have problems with viewing their NFT’s in their wallet. Could the team just confirm if we see it on the BSC scan as successful we can enter the contest with our Bep20 wallet?
  1. DAOverse
  • Could you give these guys a moment to speak up maybe, if they want, to give a “small” explanation about their project, for those who haven’t heard about it?
  1. when is the beta version (features) going to be implemented into the normal wallet?
  1. Will a marketing campaign come for Pundi X/FX?

Developing is hugely important but so is marketing and i have a feeling that there’s not much effort currently to attract merchant’s & ppl outside the community.

The current community is schrinking (Pundi X & FX subreddits is a ghosttown & so are several TG groups). The current state is just sad to see and we still keep losing supporters. Marketing will also help to make the sentiment more positive & more likely to attract future collegue’s. The world need to hear about us but it have to come from the team!

  1. When will the XPOS network be integrated in Pundi X Chain?

I thought it would happen previous month or fast as possible bc that was the whole point to have Pundi X Chain.

  1. What’s the actual number of active Pundi X XPOS & software in the world?

I know there’s a map that shows the active units but there’s also a lot that are anonymous/not showing.

  1. Lastly this is more my opinion.

The 40% quorum for EGF proposals is too high. It was already hard for the company proposals to pass & community proposals have it even harder to get enough votes. It’s pretty much impossible for community proposals to pass without the company validators to vote.

Maybe it could be lowered and then later when there’s a lot more active voters could be set higher. At this rate the EGF just keep collecting dust.


Great questions!
And I really want to hear open, clear answers to them.
I completely agree with the point “marketing”!
I think that there should be a specific strategy for promoting any product.
With a clear plan.
The low activity of the community is observed in everything. In activity in social networks. Forum.
In the number of downloaded wallets.
(FX 3k active addresses - these numbers are surprising)

It is also interesting to know the xpos statistics.

About the vote
I think it is necessary to set validator vote rules.
That the validator must cast its vote. Including the team.
No wonder there are paragraphs Abstain, Yes / No, Veto.

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If i may…question about liquidity of DEX :point_down:



I would like to hear about team’s plan about liquidity for DEX as well.

Especially if there will be liquidity pools (swap), so users can send stable coin into FX app and convert to FX core & stable coin on FX network to use on the DEX. Doing cross chain transactions is cumbersome & expensive.

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What stocks/ stock pairs, can be confirmed for Fx Variable?

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Xpos OS in the dataphones is clear that it is the future as an Exchange of Cash Money To Crypto Money for everyone including the unbanked.

Xpos must be an exchange to use, the largest in the world from cash to crypto money and not a payment tool for only those who choose to pay with crypto for a product.

And of course pundix token on pundixchain.