21st Oct All-hands Meeting

Hi guys and girls,

This month’s all hands meeting is happening tomorrow! Let’s sit back and have a great chat.

  • I’d like to invite @ClaudioxBarros @FrenchXCore @wolfpack64 to attend and share their experience of setting up Testnet.

  • Also inviting @kenorb to talk about his governance proposal

  • Let us know if @KuzoIV and @Alchimist like to talk about their new project too!

  • Others that want to speak drop us a message here to create a mini agenda. And of course you can also just request to speak on the day itself.

Please remember to download Twitter app (NOT browser) if you want to speak on microphone during the event. Our always helpful @Peko is here to help.


Ama Question:

  1. Mainnet phase 3. Can you give an approximate month or date for Mainnet phase 3. Community is expecting this year.

  2. BoB phone. Can we focus on BoB phone after mainnet phase 3? It can become a hit with some marketing with crypto youtubers and get enough orders. I have 2 youtubers in hand where we got 2 marketing videos for FX.
    We can also give few BoB phones to top crypto youtubers like Altcoin Daily, Coin Beaurau etc to do a review and unboxing.

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1- At what things will the team focus after the launch of mainnet phase 3?

2- will there be more focus on attracting potential users for XPOS & developers/creators for the FX Ecosystem?

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Hi, a few questions that we all hope to get answered:

  1. Do we have a time frame of when the Dex is going to get launched.

  2. When will the team release the SDK so developers can begin to build in our platform.

You guys have done a good job so far but we’ve only been able to delegate for the past 4 months and we’re hoping that soon, people can experience the power of our blockchain. Thanks.


When will FX contract go live on BSC and pancakeswap after BSC crosschain is implemented

Hello Zac thanks for the invite, hopefully you liked our video backstage scene part 1 :grin:, yes we can join in but I will be speaker for team this time as @Alchimist will be away on that time for personal stuff, so will join and give a brief summary about #DAOVerse :+1:t3:

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Greetings from my vacation in the Mountains.

Sorry that I cant be there this time. I am looking forward to it talking about the concept a bit more in depth in maybe a Meeting in a few weeks.

Best Regards and have a nice day.


Enjoy your time bro :fire::v:

Thanks bro :blush:

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Thanks Zac … will be happy to share my experience.

Just want to make sure the corresponding EST timing is 9 am ?

Maybe also announce, or publicizes, the 10 winners of the Fantastic 4 voting competition, those who got Purse tokens!

Probably will not be available at that hour due work , lets see

To @ive , let’s see if @Peko wants to announce it in all-hands or medium blog post.

To @KuzoIV Looking forward to your sharing! and don’t forget Twitter app so you can speak.

To @papilloncrypto @This_Dutch_guy @JL23 Let’s work on those question during all-hands!

To @wolfpack64 yea, Singapore is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Time.

To @Alchimist have fun in the mountains! lovely dog.


@ive 10 lucky winners were announced and publized in a medium post on 15th Sep at “Name the Pundi X Chain Validators” event concluded— meet FantastiX 4 | by Pundi X (writers) | Pundi X | Medium. They have been contacted for their PURSE addresses for award distribution lately.

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Maybe for agenda:

Some extra attention and explanation about the 4 volunteers needed for the FXDM.
What can they expect, how does it work to be volunteer, expected time commitment etc.


@FrenchXCore and @kenorb may I have your Twitter username so can be promoted as speakers. Thank you!

Same question as JL.

Is there a rough timeline when DEX will be available? Honestly, can’t wait to do swaps via fxcore.

Or a cross-chain bridge app but through desktop / website version.

Or are you guys currently releasing on mobile app only for now to get more users for F(x)Wallet first?

No rush, just curious if there is a rough timeline to look forward to like a roadmap.

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Same user as here: @kenorb

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Thanks for answering the questions @zaccheah.

Regarding BoB phone I meant, will the focus be on BoB once ‘mainnet phase 3 is completed’.

Looking forward to DeX