21st of June 2021, today

21st today, I am hoping for a good announcement. Also do I stay staked? If mainnet goes live do we stay staked or restake?

Looking forward to update


Yes, important we can move forward.
Cant afford to lose any more momentum.


What news is planned for the 21st? I don’t recall anything planned, besides the “end” of the first claim period, which isn’t really the end, the 30th is the “new” end.

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We’re we not asked to have our Fx staked to the 21st?

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(This comment is no longer relevant, see zac’s quote below)

Yes, zac specifically said the 21st in his attempt to fil the pool via a whale (which have been inactive throughout the whole staking)

I hope not that we need to wait till the 30th. This time waist is costing fx already, one bank in el salvador started using ripple, ada is increasing its momentum, while fx is losing its momentum by wasting time.
And that worries me, no matter how great a project is, fx can still fail because it did not move forward, waisting its time trying to be perfect in all ways, while other projects are locking in all the contracts.
Like riding a bike, Momentum/acceleration is hard to make, while at the least keeping existing momentum take less energy, but requires one to keep moving forward. Right now it fx has stopped paddeling, waiting for something, losing its momentum in the progress.

@DavidK @zaccheah I know you guys are super busy on this together with the team behind the scenes, but the community is in limbo as we dont know were we are heading next, and since the plan was to grow fx via the community, we need to know, because its hard/impossible to convince other people to join if the answers to their questions are,
We dont know, we dont know when, we are waiting for more infornation on that.

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(This comment is no longer relevant, see zac’s quote below)

Don’t get me wrong, the explorer preview are nice (still hoping for that dark-mode), the new avenues for XPOS to be adopted and the philanthropic initiatives,
But all benefit for the XPOS transactions go to eth, the fx coin price has little place to go because we are waiting, and there are little coins available on exchanges, so big investors will find it hard to buy-in.

I want this to succeed, that is why I active in the community, tweeting almost daily to attract new people, create interest and maintain momentum. but it has been surprisingly silent last week for a chain that could be launched in 7 days for the past months.

Alright we got the news


Hi , if we have >100.000 fx in stake now, will you give + %10 ?