(2nd post) f(x)Wallet -> Android app BUG (Too many decimals & dot doesn’t exist) -> Temporary fix ✅ || Patched

I was looking around into the Function X app, and I’ve found this :point_down: :point_down:

This value isn’t real haha, if it was the staking goal of FX could be achieved at first day.

It would be great to fix this to let people know exactly the number of the swap token.

Thank you for your time!!

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is just missing the decimal point (18Decimals) that’s 3,704 fx

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Interesting. I couldn’t replicate this bug.

Can you share your phone settings here or to @eduardstal privately.

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I believe it is a known bug snd solution was already found and fixed in comming update.

See also:

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Thanks @Jan it’s exactly that issue!! Maybe the next update will fix this. Thanks also @ClaudioxBarros @zaccheah for your responses!!

Additional: Screenshot solved :point_down:


@zaccheah @PundianX

This bug has already been reported to the devs and will be patched within the next update.
I’ve explained a temporary fix to go-around this issue here: (1st post) f(x)Wallet -> Android app BUG (Too many decimals & dot doesn't exist) -> Temporary fix ✅ || Patched - #8 by eduardstal