A new whale just bought FX 200k

The estimated daily rewards should be based on APR and not APY. People will definitely question eventually.

Before more smart people start coming in, have to do it before people start wondering why numbers don’t match.


Daily Estimated Rewards should always be based on APR and not APY. It can be APY if the staking auto-compounds for us but it is manual so have to be APR instead.

APY is compounded and is exponential growth, so the starting numbers will be lesser than what it is actually shown. It should be - Total Staked / 26-27% APR based on 30.6% APY

Based on Omni’s APY Calculator - Current APY 30.6% equals to 27% APR. The Daily Estimated Rewards should be based on APR before more people mention it.


I have my own calculator and i track my daily earnings also on excel so it matches 26-27% APR as the 30.6% APY fluctuates slightly.


A new family member has joined FX.



He did say he is buying another 100k more :stuck_out_tongue: