Add f(x) to list of projects using BlockScouts #8 in monday board

It would be great to apply and add f(x) blockchain to the following lists:

I think this can be requested here: GitHub - blockscout/docs: Documentation for BlockScout

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I know we tested blockscout, but not sure if we ended up using blockscount as the base for our explorer. Team engineer @magicOctopus knows more.

Thanks for the information @kenorb . We will look into this. Right now only our EVM-Testnet Explorer is using Blockscout. We are having internal discussions on whether we will build our own explorer for the mainnet in future. Would love to hear the community’s thoughts on this!

What are the things y’all like about the current blockchain explorer y’all use and what do you think can be improved on?

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do track this as #item 8 in the public monday board

@Richard have done a commit and created a pull request

will update again once blockscout have merged the commit.

After further discussion, we have decided that the current usage of blockscout for the EVM-Testnet is a short-term solution and we will use our own implementation of a block explorer. #item 8 will be moved to ‘Discussion History’