Additional Info on Explorer Page

Congrats on the UX/UI of Explorer page - simple and functional.

Some minor improvement for ease of auditing/keeping records.

  1. export csv function
  2. USD value at point of transaction (ease of rate comparison vs other chain)
  3. date (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss)

The above will be useful for individual/companies, when reporting tax etc.



Yes it will be nice to see other chain’s dollar amount also.

Like Ethereum’s Gas Fee or if a user send back to the ETH Network and we can see the ETH’s dollar amount. Bridge Fee too.

Currently, we can see FX’s dollar amount only.

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Not sure how the export to .csv addition would be helpful, but I like the other two ones. Will be suggesting all of them to our developers, but before that please allow me to understand how the .csv feature would be helpful.

The export to CSV is Very helpful for tax & personal data purposes. Having the timestamps for transactions in a table format is very helpful for accounting usage.

Etherscan has this function.




CSV export is for book-keeping purpose, supporting auditors/accountants in businesses and taxation.

As crypto is very volatile in price - these features will locked in the exact value at point of transaction (include dates).

With XPOS targeting businesses around the world, so it’s best to integrate such basic feature for enhancing the ease of adoption.

Danny is CPA, he will know how best to support the features required.

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Yea i guess those export csv is for countries that impose lots of taxes including crypto like USA.

For Singapore users like me, don’t really need haha unless those who want to keep track.

Land of the free home of the brave or something like that. :triumph:

Is it possible to show Staked Information on the Explorer like in the article back in 2019 or 2020?

The one where we can see how much an address is delegating and how much it is in the wallet?

With the ratio percentage also. Like 90% delegated, 10% in wallet.

I remember there was this feature in the FX Explorer Article few yrs ago

Further breakdown would be nice too.

Delegated 10k ( 50% of portfolio ) to Singapore Validator.
Delegated 5k ( 25% of portfolio ) to Innsbuck Validator.
5k FX in Wallet ( 25% of portfolio )

Total 100%.

Also, i think there are too many numbers till it is blocked out.

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I love the export functionality and I am using it for tax purposes. At the moment you list:

chainID hash from to value denom type

You can make this based on a fixed date range but it doesn’t show the dates on the exported file. Can you possibly add “Date” and “Fee”? I agree that if possible add the cost of the tokens at the time that would be great but at this point I only need “Date” and “Fee.” Thank you!