Address Book bug


Anyone else please confirm if you’ve also found that, when using fx bridge, and you want to use your address book saved addresses, that it doesn’t show up all the ten entries I had, instead only displayed the one saved fx core address.

Also when I tried to add the new address from that specific page during the fx bridging add options icon, it said the address already existed (which means I had in fact saved it before starting the bridge transfer).

The address I wanted to send it to was on polygon network. Please also note I had two separate poly addresses saved, none of them showed up to send to it.

Mobile phone Android 13.

Hi @Superbit123, I informed the tech team already. Will update you once they get back.

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Update: The fix will be released in the next version.

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Thanks for coming back with the updated info. Was an optional side mission, lol. Appreciate it.

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I get to see this in my wallet at Polygon after the upgrade, does anyone know what this is :thinking:

Those are tokens scammers airdrop to random people.

  • The wallet just scans everything like MetaMask so it shows all tokens but it is customizable.

You can just hide it via the instructions below. :point_down:

Tap the + button.


It’s at the right side of the NFT word.

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@SCENE thx good work

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