Hi suggestion for the team.

I think Fx has the potential to be huge. Great project.

But one of the biggest hurdles in my opinion is awareness. Lots of scam coins out there that get alot of attention. And here is a real project with real value and it gets almost nothing.

I was thinking that with the upcoming Fx going live, this would be the best time to get some attention.

My suggestions

  1. Get Fx listed on some exchanges. Binance would obviously be the best.

  2. Get some articles done with with big crypto news outlets.

  3. Youtube promo videos

4.Paid advertising. I personally if you held a crowd funding for advertising would contribute to it. If there was to be rewards later down the track for people who contribute that would be even better, but honestly I just believe in this project regardless.

  1. Social media groups dedicated to Fx.

Would also be interested in hearing other opinions on how we can educate people on this project.


Education is Key

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Agreed with you on this. Awareness is important.

Yes, the idea of both Pundi X and Function X is extremely huge but if there is no awareness or advertisements, nobody would know. Only VCs or in-depth whales will know since they do research.

But if we want mass adoption, marketing will get normal retail investors on-board. Adoption is key. And once adoption is taking place, more people will use the XPOS which will make both Pundi X and Function X flourish.

Even big companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, all of them do advertisements and get popular blog/news outlet to write about them.

No matter how great a company/product is, it will always need marketing.

  • And the idea of marketing is not for a pump and dump but to get mass adoption which will lead to more usage of the XPOS and Function X Ecosystem.

I must agree about the pump and dump. If you just create hype rather than presenting an adoptable product, it is not going to succeed long term.

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