After staking ends on 15th June, do we still leave it inside?

Once the staking ends, do we just leave our staked coins inside or do we have to redeem them? Will we be able to continue staking for more rewards or it stops there for now till main net is launched?

Also, once Function X main net is launched, do we have to transfer it to another staking contract? I understand the current staking contract is an ERC20 contract.

So if FX network goes live, that means we will have to redeem our coins and stake them on the FX chain right?


I would like to know this as well. Guidance on the imminent mainnet launch and the process for the holders would be very useful right now.


I have same question. When we must to unstak our pundix tokens? 14 June or?

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I have the same question, are we going to get rewars if we continue to stake after 14th June ?

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And Bullish if especially PundiX paid for the Transfer of all Staked Contracts to the FX Ecosystem… :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Anybody knows about this??

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yes you should take it out of the eth contract…

since fx is multichain and cross chain it is possible to leave the coins in the eth world or change them to fx blockchain.

i personally would advise to take them out of the eth chain bring them to fx and after governance of fx starts you can delegate the coins to one or more validators to get staking rewards.

I just paid $3.50 to unstake during a low gas fee timeslot: Ethereum Gas Price Charts & Historical Gas Fees – ethereumprice