All the time BLUE Windows Issues on the FxWallet

all the time, issues. Blue Pop-Ups.

I have many friends on FX ecosystem and to everybody issues all the time.

i dont understand why there is not an update.

Hi @Aritz_Bahamonde, are you referring to the delegation issue?

sending, farming, bridges,…all the times since more than 2 months…but not only to me, all my friends the same.,

Could you paste a picture of the error here?

  • Is your bridge issue from mobile or browser? Browser is working for me.
  • By sending, you mean transfer FX to another address?
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or any Action when we need to Sign on the wallet all the time to me and to all my friends all time many Pop-Ups with maybe 10 diferents messages, This is 1 of them.

Sending Fx>Fx, Doing Bridges, Delegating…

Hi @Aritz_Bahamonde, do give the team some time.

The issues highlighted have been forwarded to them previously; let’s just wait for the new update.

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ok, thanks.

I am trying last update wallet. I will report any issues if they appear again.

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Hey @Aritz_Bahamonde, may I know what version:

  • Your f(x)Wallet version
  • Your Phone type

[By the team]
According to the error notice, this issue seems to be caused by a node.

Could you check the status of the connected node in your f(x)Wallet?

:point_right: Go to Manage blockchains > Node settings

Also, the connection status could be affected by country/region, which country/region are you based in?

  • DM me in TG if you need privacy.

The team is checking.

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With this 3.7.0 i didnthave any issues still now,i hope have not more

Thank you, will pass it forward.

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2 more issues:



For this, what is your slippage set to? Can you click the setting icon and check.

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No wonder, it’s too low.

Change it to default - 0.5%

  • click “Auto”.
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Ok. I will try it, thank you.

Let me know if it doesn’t, but setting it to default should solve the slippage swap issue.

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Dear Aritz_Bahamonde,

Our testing engineer has looked into the error notice and confirmed the issue was caused by the node. You could check the status of the node your f(x)Wallet was connecting: Go to Settings > Network Configuration > Node Settings

You could select another node and change to that good node. If the problem persists, please let me know(it’ll be good if you could take a screenshot of your nodes’ status and tell us the country/region you’re living in)

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Ok, thank you.

done but issues again: