AMA Feedback

Thank you guys for the presentation and answering many of the outstanding questions the community had.

Namely I found of interest

  • The confirmation of cross chain bridges as the way we will get our tokens into FX core
  • The business development numbers for the Indonesian marketplace
  • The confirmation of the roadmap after release

There is one chief complaint I have however.

This was not an AMA by any definition of the word. An Ask Me Anything is typically a place where questions are chosen from chat, or from the forum, which was mentioned here AMA on friday, 11th of June at 10:00 GMT+8 (SGT time) - #8 by zaccheah

The space for a AMA to happen should have been at the end of the Presentation. Being selective with the questions posed in this Forum is perfectly fine to do. You can use the forum as filter to best select what to speak about live on recording. That is fine and we understand. In the future you can use this forum and the post “like” method to help filter questions and have the community select for you what they find of importance.

What I would be cautious of however is titling the broadcast as an Ask Me Anything unless you intend in Answering Questions. This was a presentation, and not an AMA. It could be taken as disingenuous from people outside of the community seeing that not a single question was fielded from chat.

I am extremely excited about the future but, please for the sake of eliminating future criticisms be more cautious about what is being advertised in a live broadcast!



That’s a good suggestion. Will keep that in mind next AMA.


Glad to help.

In other communities I have seen something along the lines of the top 5 to 10 posts in a question collection thread being published a few weeks before the AMA to adequately open up the forum for discussion.

The community moderators can filter the questions that are inappropriate to be answered at the time of the next AMA.

Looking forward to the next one.

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I Missed it, my bad…thought it was this night at 4 am…in europe…
youtube is the answer…thank you for the AMA


It was a very informative session.

Have to agree with @Telchar though.
Missed the opportunity to ask questions and/or answers to some very good questions asked in this forum.