Anti Eth, progress on fx core to fx otherchain

I know the team can’t/won’t say anything about listings, but I do wish to reiterate that we as community are waiting from some fx integration that allows us to buy/sell/move fx to and from exchanges that don’t use ETH (fxerc20). In good circumstances it costs $70 to move fxcore from and to an exchange.

besides that it is daylight robbery on ETH’s part, it makes it hard to attract new people as they are less willing to buy and move into delegation for example as it can cost more than (or a substantial part) what they holding in fx.

We know the team is working hard on pancakeswap, (us hoping on a fx-bep20 version.) we hope this can be implemented soon.
alternatively, with the inclusion of other chain, a version on those chains would also be welcomed.


It would be great to even get a idea of if the pancake swap listing and new LP are close at all to help us manage expectations.

Has there been a significant technical hurdle to launching it? Some clarity would be great.


Yes i do remember there being something to do with vpn’s, though did not follow what was going on there