App Idea FX Developers

I ran this past Dave @DavidK today & he asked that I drop the thought here as he liked it.

Make an App to re-purpose old mobile phone’s as a secure hard wallet!

Ever thought about making an app that a person can wipe their old phone, then using this app to turn your old phone into a cold wallet, the OS app with a hard FXwallet: being the only thing on the phone, plus maybe pxcard app?, even better if the app could add pxcard as an extra security key - maybe use a blank card as a key so not to carry your hard wallet Keys, imagine how many people have old phone’s that could be re-purposed, why throw away old device that could do the same job as a modern smart device hard wallet, I know I would renew my Phone more often knowing i get another new hard wallet device, food for thought Developers. move quickly my ideas seam to come to life before i can spill them, Cheers


That already exists,, and is open source

Could add fxcore, pundix chain and marginx there

That’s a good ideia


i’ll look at it later, see if it’s what i’m thinking.

would be better with our own that suits our eco sytem fit right maybe

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Why fx team not build it to support fxcore
That would be awesome open source