Are Function X foundation validators going to vote on new proposals as well?

The proposals process seems to be tough (as it requires over 40% votes), especially for the new projects.

Are foundation validators going to participate in the voting as well, or it’s better to wait for community-based validators?


Foundation-hosted validator will participate in the vote. No prize for guessing what we’ll vote for :wink:

As our David have said, the spirit of governance is not a switch that we turn on and off, hence overall time we hope the community-hosted validator can take on more delegation and hence voting power to fully decentralized our cause. I know @kenorb u’re also setting up a validator urself.


Any particular reason why f(x) foundation validators failed to participate on the 1st community proposal (it was actually the only proposal which had 100% on YES from almost 100 participants)?
Neither No, or Abstain was used, in case foundation didn’t want to vote in any favor.
It also seems f(x) foundation validators participated only in voting for f(x) owned proposals, but not in the community one.

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Voted on every proposal today :slight_smile:

f(x) validators have not voted in any proposals.

All votes that we see are all by delegators.

and thats why the 40% wasnt reached… its not possible right now to get 40% if the fx validators dont vote


Than we have to wait till the public validator start to validate/vote.

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