Article needed on FX transfer from Eth erc20 to FX mainnet addres

A guide on how to transfer FX token from Ethereum erc20 to FX mainnet address is needed. Also when can we start doing this.
For example how to transfer FunctionX from Metamask wallet to FX core mainnet address.


Just in, hope some of your questions are reflected, if not here is a reminder @eduardstal

Ok. I will check once hashout article is released.

Watching; Thanks team

The June hashout doesn’t explain about FunctionX erc20 to fx core conversion.

its exactly the same way as testnet if youve tried it before.

if you haven’t tho, we’ll have a step by step guide soon :slight_smile:


we got our test net coin through a porthole on the test net web page, not through a coin swap

Right, it’ll be as simple as clicking a button, checking the fees are okay with you and waiting a few minutes. We’ll get a proper guide out when the time comes though.


A simple article (erc20 to fx) before mainnet will be helpful as everyone will be eager to check functionx mainnet.

It’s in the plans, I’ll post it before the countdown here on the forum runs out :slight_smile:


My main Exchange has said they wont be participating in any Chain swap; This has raised some concerns to me about a possible repeat of the Swap where exchanges manipulate our Market….

Exchanges are not a concern, Do your research FX will be cross chain the ERC20 fx will still exist the movement to the FX chain will be through the chain, later the exchanges will probably trade FXC; It’s one coin but can sit on 2 chains; same over all quantity, only you can have your FX in erc20 chain or in FXC on the FunctionX chain, so it’s not a swap but a cross chain transition is my understanding

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I am doing it….

Thanks for the reply; Makes sence, and no need for my concern; :+1:

Im guessing Pundix token will be the same??

technical info is in their hash out and pundi insider posts, :+1: :tropical_drink: or on their websites