Australia & NZ Adoption

Any Australians in the Forum; ??

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Just a kiwi sorry

Maybe :wink: I may know of a few

So how do we get XPOS Distributed and used downunder??

Thats ok; We claim all the Good Kiwis as our own so you can be Aussie if you like :+1:

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I am keen for adoption, just getting a few franchises to take on XPOS would do the trick

Do you have Culta Kings In NZ? Im thinking Franchises that tailor themselves to a niche market are the first place to start??

Or Footlocker Chains and their exclusivity to sell Nike TN’s; Thinking anything that has strong “Hype” type following would be where I would start

No Culta Kings, NZ is a weird market. I think many businesses would be interested in accepting crypto. It would just take a full time rep to go around and sign people up and get XPOS Installed. Lots of young people have crypto In NZ but more as investments. There is a company that offers eftpos machines and other financial services to businesses. I have seen their sales reps around. To sign them up with PUNDIX would be the way.


Have you or anyone you know approached EPAY??

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FAO @Peko

PS, thanks Fly.

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Thanks for cc.ed! We’ve been in talk with master distributorships in both Australia and New Zealand. It takes times for our potential candidates to navigate the regulatory issues on crypto but it is in the work :slight_smile:


If anyone is interested in Becoming an Australian/NZ Distributor; I could run the Sydney Nodes

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