Auto Compounding while Delegating

Hello, I would like to make a suggestion to for an auto compounding our reward back to delegating.
Exemple :
Once a week it will claim the FX reward then if having enough FX (to pay the fees) it will automatically delegating it again.
Option could be user choices: Daily weekly monthly…

Hope that does make sense for those who like to compound the interest gain.

Thanks :blush:


as long as there is a button for those who want to still do it manually at the time of their choice


Yes I see something look likes:" Auto-Compound" Switch: On/Off
Then if “On”, a window to select your interval:
“Day, Week, Month” or
A specific reward quantity: 10 FX
(Like every 10FX it will auto compound it)


Would love that Feature.

I suggested back in June. I think they are currently focusing on bringing EVM and the DEX first before all these small QoL upgrades can be done.

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Make sense that they already got work on their bench, did they acknowledge it? back in June.