Auto-Restaking / Auto-Compound

By any chance, is there a possible scenario in the future where PundiX or FunctionX team create an auto-compounding contract on top of the current FX blockchain so users can stake their Pundi X and FX and any earned FX will be auto-compounded back so it can truly become a long-term passive “stake and forget about it” method?

For example, PancakeSwap did not have any auto-compound system built into their platform.

But they built something recently where stakers can help auto-compound so that users can just stake and forget about it. When 1 user help to press the compound button, it compounds for the whole pool and everyone get compounded, thanks to that 1 user.

It comes with a 2% profit performance fee, whereby 2% of any earned profit will be used to buyback their own coin and be burnt. This is an extremely good idea.

This is a triple win-win-win scenario.

  1. It burns the coins, speeding the deflationary rate
  2. True passive staking with auto-compound
  3. Free marketing and exposure - when people find out that we can auto-compound a coin with such a huge real-life usecase, people will hop on board more. Just like BNB/CAKE.

The current trend is all about staking / lending-borrowing.

Is this idea also viable for PUNDIX and FX?

It adds another layer to help speed up the process of deflation. Users can stake and forget about it with auto-compounding.

Build something like what PancakeBunny is to PancakeSwap. A tunnel to auto-compound. OR be like PancakeSwap and make a auto-compounding pool with performance fee that will be used to do something that helps to bring the value up - burning, buybacks, community events, gamification.


Yeah a retention of Profits would be really nice.


I think FX compounding could definitely be added!

PundiX on the other hand would need to have the new PR reward token be considered. PundiX has a finite supply and does not have a new minting mechanism, thus staking itself will not generate additional PundiX. I am sure a proposal could be made with the new PR token however to add a compounding gain.

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You are absolutely very right…

The focuz is adoption and improvement of our function x ecosystem.

A system can be created replica of pancakeswap, maybe( pundixswap), whereas holders of pundix can stake pundix/fxcoin to gain pr, or other token that will be built on fxchain…

Adding auto compounding mechanism, charge for it… slipt the fees to burn both pundix and fx…

I believe many existing token from other chain will want to some potion of there token on fxchain when we start gaining attention and tractions from the world.

@zaccheah @DavidK pls look into this suggestion… very important…

No dought about it… pundix, XPOS, function x are indeed here to stay very very time…

Slow and steady win the race…

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The delegation in FXCore will be auto-compounded and no deadline. We can delegate and stake forever so long there is new block creation.


Holy sheet auto-compound in built! This is dopeee!

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That is amazing news!!!

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Can I ask one question please… if I wanto stake nex 15 years and validator decides to redeem after 3 years, do I have to manually redeem before he/she does or will my redeem be automatic? Can you make it automatic so I dont have to check every day if validator change his/her mind and decide to redeem :grin:

@Angie we won’t be able to do that, because we don’t hold your keys. If in the event that a validator ceases to operate the tokens that is in the validator will be return to the delegators, in which case you will re-alocate your tokens to a new validator.


Ok. Thank you for the answer.

quick question… delegation started… nice apy super smooth Launch… congratz on that.

now my question, it seems the rewards need to be claimed and are not auto compounded since the delegation total doesnt change.

do I miss something?

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Yes Rewards need to be claimed;

Is there any time expiry on unclaimed delegation rewards?

Hmm wondering the same thing too. Although zac did mention that it is auto-compounded.

Are the rewards actually compounding or do we need to redeem and delegate the rewards manually?

Can’t actually tell if its auto-compounding or not haha

I receive a counter transaction in the amount of the current reward

You will need Collect Rewards- Then Delegate them into your choice of Validator; This is My understanding;

To me that’s not Auto-Compunding :man_shrugging:t2:

you can skip collecting rewards, just delegate to a validator who has your reward and get a reward after delegation

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How are you running a Node?

I do all the actions in the fxwallet. I immediately delegate to the validator without requesting a reward, and my reward is received by me without an additional transaction, two operations in one action. (I noticed this during the test period)