Automatic payment solution

Hi everyone !

I’ve been listening to today’s French minister of Finance and Economy, and it seems obvious that advanced economies will prevent any form of payment using cryptocurrencies : the rule will be to convert to fiat at any time.

This does not mean that cryptocurrency payment is dead, at the contrary, especially since it would allow for faster and cheaper solutions for peer-to-peer (P2P) and peer-to-business (P2B) payments.

So I was wondering :

  1. since we now implement EVM and bridged stablecoins are coming (EURS, USDC, BUSD, USDT, FRAX), would it be possible to automatically convert payments in any FX-listed cryptocurrency to one of those stablecoins ?
  2. from there, would it be possible to work an agreement with SWIFT- (USA+) and SEPA (EUR+)-compatible companies in order to transfer automatically those USDx and EURx stablecoins into sounding fiat currency-labelled bank accounts ? (for those who want)

For example, an XPOS owner could set its terminal bank account and currency by default to Euro and EURS-Euro gateway provider, and see all of its cryptocurrency payments automatically converted and transferred onto its bank account ?

Using the FxCore with EVM blockchain and Chainlink oracles, it could be very fast. However, we would need to make sure the fiat-gateway providers can ensure the last step…
One last thing would be to enable the possibility to add a memo forwarded from initial payment until the bank conversion and transfer.

Eager to ear from you guys !


the team will probably get back to you but I’ll give my 5c of what I think I understand, with xpos you can have your takings Auto converted and settled to a stable coin to your merchant account but the Crypto system is not a part of the bank system & a manual private TX is needed to send to your bank; but just because you have converted back to your currency do not change the fact you used crypto as a payment option. France solution maybe best to be the same as Turkiye & use the exchange store model thus converting to fiat there, then using the fiat to purchase in store, if I understand you correctly