Baklava Space Proposal - FX Delegation Auto-Compound + Synthetic Asset Minting

I think they have a few days ago.

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We just update our platform and it is currently support all validator nodes.


Hi everyone,

FYI, we have done our internal audit of Baklava Space’s vault contract.

Feel free to take a look. I have uploaded the audit report to the link below:
Audit Report Link

Thank you


Well then OK

Hi Baklava Team, I have a suggestion.

Will there be a validator score or check in place so that users can be confident in the quality of the validators?

For example, a basic check would be - scanning for uptime:

  1. If any validator uptime falls below 90% at any given point of time, they will receive 1 check.
  2. The number of checks may vary - ranging from 5 to 10.
  3. Once a validator hit the maximum number of checks, they will be booted from the list of validators that the protocol will delegate to.
  4. Refresh Timer - if a validator receives a check due to a technical issue but subsequently did not fall below 90% in the next 3 months, 1 check is removed so this will be fair play for everyone - the protocol, the user’s fund, the commitment to maintain for every validator.
  5. The refresh timer is in place to give benefit of the doubt to a validator if any real technical issues arises which is why there is a check of 10.

Reason: I’ve noticed that some validators’ uptime isn’t constantly at its maximum, which implies that their APR isn’t reflecting their true output as they aren’t getting as many block rewards.

To combat this and to make sure that the list of validators can be of quality while maintaining the protocol’s efficiency and quality, I think a simple quality check can be in place. Furthermore, this will guarantee that the validators are dedicated to keeping it well-run.

After all, user’s funds and the efficiency of the protocol are the most important.

  • Referencing Lido and why they only choose quality node operators to stake to.

For Lido, node operators that want to get in the list of Lido’s quality validators have a certain requirement, expectation and obligation which should be the same for Baklava.

It’s like validators wanting to get into Forbes list but you need to fulfil and maintain a certain standard.


For some reason, the contract owner’s upgrade power is unlimited (like many other smart contracts).
This is reason enough for me to strongly limit our interactions with this smart contract.
Sorry for that.
BTW, it would be interesting to have the same public audit for fx-swap contracts, for fx-evm cosmos gateway contracts…


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Hi Baklava team,

Congrats on reaching the third milestone ($5 million TVL)!

I look forward to seeing more developments from Baklava Space on f(x)Core.


Thank you FX team.

Surprise announcement! Baklava Space has supported LP tokens from FX Swap and it is live today.

Try it out and let us know your feedbacks! Enjoy your baklava.


I cant deposit my LP tokens because i dont see them on Baklava Space



Can you please check it again?

Hi, is it possible to add other new validators into the list of transfer delegation?

And can we ask Baklava to increase max cap for f(x)Core delegated vault, it’s almost 100%.

Hey Siversurfer, do you have suggestions for the max cap? We can vote here.

The current max cap is 100 million FX, and 99.7% has been filled. We are fine with increasing, but it depends on the FX community’s request.

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I’d recommend to increase 10% by 10% when cap is reached.


So whats the point of the cap if we can just keep increasing it each time its almost full?

I actually don’t know, beside security…

Also how are the issues in the Audit report being handeled?
Considering there are some medium severity issues is it really save to have more than 100 mil fx in this contract? For me the biggest issue is the ‘overpowerd role’ point

Actually, that’s the only issue I see.
And here again, trust is everything.
I assume that since the FX foundation trusts Baklava Space, and since I put trust in the FX foundation, I can hardly distrust Baklava.
That’s why I started using the FX swap vault personally.
However, some people in my team prefer staying outside for FrenchXCore used liquidity pools.


Agree, with an external security audit it helps to assure users.


Hey guys,

Thank you for your input. We will engage with the external auditor to audit the vault. In the meantime, thanks to FX Foundation who has also audited our vault internally.


Hi @Keith !

Could you please update this webpage to provide FX Swap and FX Delegate Vaults contract addresses please ?

Thanks !