Baklava Twitter Space

Dear FunctionX peeps,

We will be having a Twitter Space on April 5th!
We came up with a few topics but weโ€™ll let ๐˜๐Ž๐” ๐ƒ๐„๐‚๐ˆ๐ƒ๐„ so poll away! The link to the poll is here.

Other than the topics discussed, we would also be discussing potential partnerships and exploring new vault strategy ideas!

This will be relevant to the MarginX community because we have also been exploring the idea of launching a BAVA-MarginX vault.

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Do we have a marginX token for thinking have a pool BAVA-MarginX ?

Do you plan to plug your app baklava finance on FunctionX ?


Maybe a topic to explain how Baklava will work in the FX (and potentially MarginX) ecosystemโ€ฆ

Frankly, even though Iโ€™m trying to follow, Iโ€™m desperately in need to understand how synthetics work, which synthetics weโ€™re talking about, what the risks are, how to connect and transition Old and New economics, tokenize the small business capital and open citizens to SME capital.

I sincerely think we need to educate ourselves on this matter and all the opportunities it will bring.



No MarginX is Fueled by FX, so Bava would be combined to MarginXโ€™s Liquidity supply in some fashion on their L2 chain of FX Core of what ever they holdl value in, could be in any network of value held by MarginX, if Iโ€™m correct

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There is nothing confirmed at this point. Weโ€™ve just floated the idea since one of our guys played with MarginX. but we were thinking of a model similar to GMX GLP where

  1. Funding fees

  2. Trading fees

  3. Trader losses Form the yield of the vault

It wont be the same product as the synthetics we built earlier. We will be offering vault strategies and each vault is a unique strategy. not sure if that answers your question @sinainthecity @FrenchXCore

@sinainthecity It would not be a liquidity pool like on Uniswap but it will be utilising certain parts of MarginX like the fees earned from tradersโ€ฆto create a vault on BAVA

@LKYBOB well summed up. pretty much. but just remember, weโ€™re just floating the idea around so weโ€™d like to hear from the community and ofc weโ€™re open to ideas!

also you can follow BaklavaChef and baklavaspace on twitter for updates!

Curious how the funding fee and trading fee will form the yield of this vault.

  1. To earn from funding rates, you need to have an active position opened
  2. To earn from trading fees, you either need to trade to get rebates or through Maker Liquidity Pool since only the protocol can distribute platform revenue but BAVA is not part of the protocol

Are the funds being used to deposit into MLP? More information is needed.

A deeper explanation would be great or a visual chart: (How it is being done or executed)

  • Starting from staking the BAVA token
  • To what is being done on the MarginX side after the cross-chain transaction
  • How the yield is formed with the funding fee, trading fee, and traderโ€™s losses

In the case of GLP, the yield comes from swap fees, perpetual interest, and liquidations; 70% of these fees are distributed to holders of the GLP token.


What about creating an autocompounding vault for fx-swap or validator staking? Especially since you guys applied for EGF :grinning:

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@SCENE we were looking at the GMX/GLP model and decided to replicate it and replace it with MarginX market makers.
Sure! Letโ€™s see what the community thinks then we will firm up something AND THEN VOILA :hugs:, we will come up with a visual chart!

@Richard sure! we can explore that idea too! might need to apply for another round of EGF funding :wink:


Looking forward!

In case anyone is confused between GLP and MLP.

GLP: Betting on traderโ€™s losses (liquidation) + platformโ€™s swap fee and interest
MLP: Betting on market-makers making a profit + platformโ€™s trading and gas fee

Thereโ€™s a difference between the two; they are actually polar opposites.

Historically and statistically:

  • Traders usually always lose, house always wins
  • Market-makers are usually profitable, not all MMs though