BlindBox NFT: Zac's social experiment

Hi guys and girls,

LootProject took the Ethereum world by storm last weekend. Just for fun I forked it. BlindBox NFT is this social experiment and probably worth nothing. It’s unrelated to Function X / Pundi X for now and runs on Ethereum.

Please drop suggestions on how to use BlindBox, for now it has no interpretation apart from being a NFT.


BlindBox is a randomized adventurer numeral system NFT and stored on-chain. Stats, images, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret. Each time a BlindBox smart contract is claimed it will generate a NFT with eight random numbers. Your BlindBox NFT is viewable on OpenSea or any NFT-supporting wallet.

BlindBox Ethereum contract (one and only): 0x94d63b7af8bb003cd435311137776f86c4be2c3b

Please note

  1. This is a personal weekend hobby.
  2. Code is based on Loot and not audited.
  3. BlindBox NFT is useless unless interpreted.
  4. Expect nothing from BlindBox.


Q: How do I claim?
A: Access the BlindBox smart contract (0x94d63b7af8bb003cd435311137776f86c4be2c3b) in etherscan. Click on “contract” > “write contract” > connect to Web3 (eg: MetaMask)” > “claim”. In the claim section, input > 0.03 Eth for “PayableAmount” and choose a random number < 7778 for “tokenId”. The ID represents the NFT you own and the > 0.03 Eth the fees you pay. If you claim with =< 0.03 Eth you will get a transaction error.

Q: What if the fees are too high?
A: If you get insanely high gas or insufficient funds it means that the BlindBox NFT is already taken. Choose another number for your “tokenId” to claim other BlindBox.

Q: How do I view my NFT after it has been claimed?
A: OpenSea is an option.

Q: You said Loot-inspired?
A: 99% of the code is taken from Loot, the 1% changes is to randomize number creation and to charge 0.03 Eth fee for each NFT claim. For those familiar with Loot, the “greatness” probability is taken away.

Q: Is this the code safe?
A: It is not audited hence you can assume it’s not.

Q: Will I own the BlindBox NFT?
A: The BlindBox NFT you claimed will always be yours.

Q: Will you port this to Function X?
A: Let’s see. No promises.

Q: What’s the usage of BlindBox NFT?
A: BlindBox’s functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret. It can be used as a random number generator, game stats, etc. It could also be useless.

Q: Why is there a 0.03+ Eth fee for BlindBox NFT?
A: To see users re willing to pay 0.03+Eth for a NFT. Will donate all Eth collected, more on this later.


Yay i got a completed box kite out of #1337 :smiley:


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oh its a bluescreen now… why is that?


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Claimed mine, very curious about this. :thinking:

Claimed mine.



social experiment
have some fun

Congrats on one of the first mints!

BlindBox NFTs are essentiallyl a sequence of numbers. It is up to the community to interpret how and what to do with it. Since each NFT is unique we can think of a first interpretation (use-case) here.

Fun: What could this BlindBox contain?

They say that numbers are behind everything that we see. Therefore, I tried to find a way to convert @indra BlindBox NFT. This is what I came with:

Tell me your BlindBox NFT numbers, I will come up with something for you too!


Sounds rare. Is there any reward for minting this rare NFT? I hope so :shushing_face:


it is your interpretation, imagination and creation that matters


Beside support Zac experiment, this were in my head :joy:

Game stats RNG

I like the idea overall, this will be successful :+1:

google image search has this as first entry for the number :smiley: image

german Fallschirmjäger Boots of WWII

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Looks like there is a meaning behind mine.

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In matter of uniqueness, it suppose not have a historical trait or link to order, as to give it a new functionality like writing from absolute bottom, of course in respect to the base of system itself.

Could the nummers stand for galactic coordinates?
So they would be your unique position in the galaxy.

And when your coordinate would, by any chance, stand for a galactic point like the Copernicus crater on the moon, your nft would be very, very rare…:grin:

I must be to old not a thing about all this makes any sense to me, not enough info in the how to claim section for me to even try, explain like i’m 5

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then 99,9% of the nft would be empty space :smiley:

Zac created a list of unique collectables which might or mightnot have a great value in futrue(depends on how the moral and system of assets applied).

You just need to go etherscan put the contract he gave above and follow his steps. Once payment is done the nft will be minted by your address signiture (ownership created)

You will need to use an nft viewer which you will connect your wallet via walletscan and view collectables. You will then view the minted asset either image or numericals, each will have its own resembling in later time as mentioned at first.