Blockchain LOTTERY

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Blockchain lottery.
The idea of ​​creating a new lottery.
Thinking about how to attract a large number of new people to our project. And evoke passion and passion in an already existing community. At the same time, to implement this in a simple, not complicated way. Such a thought came.

To participate in the lottery, you must buy at least one ticket with a fixed price. (It is possible to apply wallet tokens)
Tickets are created as NFTs with a set number.
(For example)
Each ticket has a 6-digit number.
Matching the first digit of the ticket number with a winning combination of 2% of the prize pool, two - 3%, three - 5%, four - 10%, five - 20%, and all six - 40%. Only matches are counted, starting from the left. 20% of the coins go to the startup fund. The winning bet is calculated on-chain.

Using the referral system, the referral will be able to claim % of the future winnings of the invited participant.

How do you like this idea!)?


togel (toto gelap) in indonesian bahasa, forbiden for muslim. absolutely ‘no’ for voting.

But there is also another world. In Europe it is very common and popular.
This is a big market.

I was personally thinking about the same idea, but I’m not confident enough yet in my Solidity (EVM) coding capabilities.
Great idea, BTW :slight_smile:


Thank you!)
To be honest, technically and financially, I can’t implement it.
I think it would be helpful for the project.
Marketing, Recognition, Engagement, Distribution!
But if you, or someone else from the community or team members, took up the implementation of the idea! I would vote yes!

I don’t think that would need to be submitted as a formal proposal (10k FX to submit the idea is more than what would be required to do it).
But if anyone in here felt like he can code something like this, we could propose it to FXNeer’s group.

Totally agree with you!
Personally, I think we need noise. To be honest, I am frustrated by the low involvement, low activity and recognition of the project.
I want to change it!)
And thank you for answer)


I like this idea! I agree we should have more Dapps to attract more people.
Would love to create something but I’m also learning Solidity.


I vote YES!
If we are not a kosher project, then any activity on the network from any project carries with it the growth of the community and the value of the coin / token.

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As much as this is a great idea, if we plan to work with governments or have regulations, this will be counted as pure gambling and they will probably get into trouble. This has to be built by the community and not the foundation.

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Fully agree… It needs to be funded and coded by self-developers.

Agreed. In Belgium it would have to be regulated. No way they would approve!

certainly so, it’s just a call to start from small to big

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