Blockchain Phone BoB Giveaway to Top Crypto Celebrities

Can we giveaway some Blockchain Phones to Top Crypto Celebrities like Altcoin daily, Crypto Birb, Mark Cuban etc. Will be good for marketing it, even if we are not producing BoB phones now. I think we didn’t get enough orders last time because of low marketing of BoB phone.

@zaccheah @DavidK @indra @BlueStitch Please consider.


That’s really great idea🔥, but I think who came more high noise about , is either THE VERGE or Linusmediagroup these, two have the most audience base for tech relatable stuff .

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This is the time to reintroduce the phone and push it!! Use this opportunity @DavidK @zaccheah

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I think its important that its available to the public before doing this, otherwise people will look for it, cat find any, forget about it, and then when it comes out, you cant use celebrities anymore to advertise cause you blow that load too early.

We will have to keep it hot in crypto world. I got our 2nd youtuber to mention BoB and CES award.