Bring back the 'Swap' feature to f(x)Wallet

Hi everyone,

I talked with several users in person last week, and most of them requested the “Swap” features on f(x)Wallet 2.0. Currently, in the dApp center (Exchange), you can open and connect to the AMM DEX dapps (i.e. Uniswap for ETH, QuickSwap for Polygon, etc).

Do you think we need to bring back the ‘Swap’ feature to the Wallet?
We can have a similar swap menu as the previous version, and users can choose the chains. The swap page will be integrated into the AMM DEXes directly, and users cannot choose which DEX they want to use.

For example,
Uniswap - Ethereum
QuickSwap - Polygon
TraderJoe - Avalanche
SunSwap - Tron
FXSwap - F(x)Core

From the user’s perspective, they do not know which DEX they are using and they just swap whenever they want. It will be very simple for new users as well.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you, everyone.


Yes, we should also offer the old swap feature, which was highly appreciated. I personally found it very easy to use. We can also add the other swap features in separate tabs.
Best Regards Sylvia


100% that swap feature needs to return. Swap on F(x)Core for sure.

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Yes, 100% for sure bring back.
The simpeler the better.

Most users and new users don’t care wich DEX is used. As long as they van swap easily.

I would say it’s a Must Have on f(x)Wallet


agreed. we need to have a easy to use swap feature for the masses. the easier the better. 99% dont care which dex will be used as long as its working fast and easy


Another thought:

Would fxswap be something that can be implemented or integrated into MarginX?
Since that is a dex, maybe a simple swap thing between coins would fit?

same opinion here. :raised_hands:
I think ppl dont care which dex they use to swap. it should work fast and easy as Alchimist said.

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I do not think so. MarginX is not a spot trading platform.

To keep the main page clean, how about we return the swap feature on the “popular” column on the dapp page.

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Hello Zac
I would be happy if it was like the first version. I get a lot of requests where the swap function is.
Best Regards Sylvia

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Yes please, keep the first page clean!

List it on the popular section - Users can also search for swaps in the DApp Center.

Typing swap - swaps from every chain appears, easier and cleaner.

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