Brit-Coin? - PundiX

TO @zaccheah and the team,

I saw that this company is doing something similar to pundiX. Let me be clear this is NOT about me seeing them as a competitor.

I am looking at their company and see that with the same kind of business case they already have a big supermarket chain (Tesco) working with their product.


  1. What are your thoughts on this @zaccheah ?
  2. Isn’t it about time we start working on getting our eco systems into the bigger (supermarket) chains?

Why don’t we put in use business developers who start onboarding and working with the chains. I would like to talk with you guys about this

Pundi is partnered with large device makers like Ingenico Pax and Verifone, they have billions of devices in millions of large retail stores all over the world, Pundi systems will be there in retail as soon as those manufactures decide it’s time to implement the software, comes down to supply and demand, if people asked to spend crypto in large retail when ever they are buying the sooner the systems will come into use.

Thank you for your explanation. It cleared up a lot for me.

But I disagree to the part where you say " it comes down to demand and …"

From a strategic business development view, we have to actively go out there and create a demand…

:+1: :love_you_gesture: Yes Door swings both ways brother and pundi have been on this game for 4 years, I seen enough to know they are always on their best game, they do love suggestions by all means feel free to give them, But what your saying will be one of their main aims from the beginning


Absolutely no doubt on that!
I was saying if they need someone on the team who can execute multi chain deals , then I am their guy.
THe passion to bring PundiX to heights is here, as well as the skillset and network.

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