Buy now pay later feature

Late night Dapp idea for Pundix. Exactly as it says on the subject title. Buy goods with crypto flexibilities.

@FrenchXCore (your fxunlock Dapp) could maybe use this feature…

@DavidK perhaps fx decentralized payments can utilise the idea on XChange Dapp, not exactly sure how being totally Decentralised. But it’s worth tagging you with the seed.

Further more how about the Xcard…

The feature can be also added on the FXWallet. Actually that’s a given, much easier to work on the XWallet with kyc enabled for peace of mind and those who are not able to make payments, unlike the decentralized route.

One solution to make sure payments (installments) can be fulfilled, is by having reputation systems maybe… Such as validators or special badges earned, time held of token, something… Not sure just some ideas to play around with the concept.


Right now, I’m blocked, waiting for f(x)Wallet v2.0 to be published.
Also, it would really help to have more developer documentation.
And last point : we definitely need an f(x)Wallet interface to accept WalletConnect URIs (QrCode) without having to scan them, because direct interaction from a smartphone prevents people from scanning a QRCode displayed on their smartphone… from their smartphone.

FYI, I had to reverse-engineer the f(x)Wallet code i.o.t. develop the “FrenchKiss” module. It took a lot of time and that’s not really helpful for developer 's community.