"Buy the dip" buyback

Since buybacks are on the back burner, maybe its an idea to introduce “buy the dip buybacks”.
The smart ones buy in dips anyway.
But perhaps a company buy back can also work as a stimulus for fx and/or pundix price in a bearisch moment as we are in this weekend.
So that, when BTC dips and takes the whole market down, the dip of fx and pundix will be limited.

either way they can’t announce them for legal reasons, so the point will be lost because you’ll only ever here of it after the event, still they may be labeled as market manipulators which is bad If they start looking like helping there own market. People stressing over the market all the time is more the problem; people need to learn confidence that Pundi is here to stay and will always be a long term earner once the market regains it’s confidence our market will have the growth it deserves, people listen to many that don’t have a clue; we can only wait for smarter buyers.

Our FX is a strong mover it’s project growth will bring Pundi x chain up along with it have faith these developments are becoming the strong force they were meant to be, people are not seeing the bigger picture yet, I can say you’ll not want to be caught with your pants down when this thing takes off

Yes, i know you are right.
It was just a thougt, and for a moment i thougt it was a creative one, but at same time i knew that it can’t work.

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