Buying/swapping different coins in the fx wallet

What everyone’s thoughts on swapping ETH for smaller cap tokens within the FX wallet?

Is it safe/good idea?

are there any repercussions from doing it since the fx wallet is priced off of CMC and not a single exchange?

I’ve done a couple of little swaps to see how it works with a little bit of spare ETH

Easy to swap with no barriers

I’ve noticed a large difference it the price of the coin being purchased that comes up in the asset list on the wallet but when it comes to swapping back to ETH the price goes back to the relative price between the 2 coins (ETH-COIN purchased/swapped)

I’ve also played with the slippage% (±2-4%) while doing these swaps.

I’m not full bottle on the slippage, seems to work in my favor at least half the time…

Seems like you can really become stuck if you don’t do your swap back at the right time with the right amount of slippage( i don’t know what is good or bad)

Just seeing if anyone here has had a go themselves and what they make of it…