In my opinion FX offers the ability for banks or countries to make there own curriencies on the network. Could the team please make more statements about CBDC? I do love Bitcoin but governments want to control their digital currencies. Also could PUNDIX commit to accepting CBDC on XPOS? Also there are some big altcoins I think XPOS should carry. ADA, XLM. We should not carry meme coins or exchange tokens. But to carry top altcoins that are designed to be used as a currency, I think is wise.

it’s up to projects like ADA to want to connect i think, up to them to come and work with pundi, networks like that will; once they decide the path to adoption for every day use to take, Some things Pundi cannot talk about until they are allowed as it involved important parties that are working behind closed doors i’m betting CBDC’s would be one of those things