CCTV, Smart Camera, applicable peripheral devices

Depending on TPS, stability, etc of Function X, it might be worth having a thread of peripheral devices that can run on FX eco in the future.

1 - Smart Camera partnership/s or early engagement with security firms to run on FX & saved on FX IPFS (decentralized storage system). First use case can be Cambodia smart city for example if possible.

2 - Drones are expected to run soon on WiFi, 4G and 5G. Maybe something the communities can brainstorm here… :crossed_fingers:

Reminder; any ideas thrown here doesn’t totally have to make sense, we’re simply trying to expand our use cases as a community and give suggestions, so please feel free to express ideas over time.

3 - Smart front door bell / ring , which will be un hackable (more secure) via blockchain tech, unlike Ring company where it has happened.

Update to smart cameras, maybe an open source platform (which is all software based on supported specs/equipments. Firms simply have an option to download it and plug and play. The platform can have all the features and beyond the traditional UI/UX design and functionalities. #IPFS

4 - Not sure if possible, but is it possible to have BOB’s OS working on house phones? If so that would be dope.

5 - Also another reminder, when I spoke to Walter (our geeky Argentinian Pundian, about 2 years back now) we had this lengthy discussion wheather it was possible to have a BOB OS device to cross call traditional non Bob handsets. His understanding were it was possible… I hope this can be achieved…:crossed_fingers:

Please add more.


Huawei HarmonyOS (IoT) are already applied to everything you’ve mentioned.
Search Zac’s tweet about “blockchain that’s used for daily lives”.

Really, Ahh man. They don’t have BOB OS though. Also do they have a blockchain of their own, or in development? I’ll search via Google anyways if they do or not. I don’t recall hearing about it.

I think BoB OS and FunctionX blockchain is HarmonyOS OS.
I read almost everything on their website and watched the video launching of HarmonyOS earlier this month and there’s so much how it parallel to Fx.
Huawei joined testnet-remember? This Zac’s tweet holds a very big clue.

Yes I do remember them and also one plus. But I don’t want to speculate until we officially hear something. Because it could be just an user name handle of the validators during that test net. I really hope it wasn’t, I really do. The Team deserves it.


If that’s true, it be massive

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It would be nice if Zac confirms it was really Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi that joined testnet 3.0.

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Running Hardware directly from Fridge motors on Containers and Heavy haulage, with 5g repeaters which would expand any network nearly instantly has always been in my thoughts;

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Thanks to this speed of transactions, any enterprise can synchronize automatic processes with the fxCore sidechain.