Change of Wording -> Staking

Do you think it is possible to change the wording from Delegation to → Staking? Or at least use both.

Most users and even veterans are more attracted to the word STAKING as it is the current boom trend.

It is just a play of words.

You can also phrase it like → Users can delegate their stake to a staking pool also known as a validator to earn staking rewards.

I realised there is not a single word of STAKE / STAKING anywhere in the website. I feel that people are more drawn towards the word → Stake / Staking than Delegate / Delegation

One thing to note is → Even big projects like Cardano also use the word “Stake” when it is actually Delegation. They also have a “Staking Calculator” on their website.

Is it possible to put a very simple staking calculator on I strongly believe this will attract more users to actually buy and stake their holdings.

Thoughts? I really think it helps, just like how is so popular.

With a staking calculator, people will use instead of using other websites to figure out how much they can earn too. This will increase traffic to the website in global crypto website rankings.

Every site that has a calculator that people can key in and see what profits they can get is super addictive just by playing around with numbers, adding zeros and simple stuff like these.

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The word “STAKING” may seem small to you but it actually does have a big impact to increase the number of holders. Majority are looking to stake / yield farm passively so we should be riding on the staking trend right now.

I understand the difference between Stake and Stake Delegation. But i hope to see a few staking words in the website at least.

Or a Staking Calculator which shows APY and APR → like Cardano,, PancakeSwap, Celsius, BlockFi and the list goes on. All of them have it.

I personally feel like we need more pages on Functionx website since there is only the home page which is only 1 page although it is amazing but a bit too little. After reading the home page, the visitors/audience have nothing else to do.

A staking calculator would actually make people stay on the website longer and people tend to bookmark pages that have something they can play around with, in this case → a staking calculator.


+1 good find and yes it should be named staking for the search engines and new people entering the markets.

if you dont want name it something like staking by delegation or something… but we need the word staking to make a better impact…

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Yeah, SEO is very important and keywords play a even bigger role for search engine to pick it up. By having certain keywords, we can appear on google search 1st page.

We need all the relevant keywords to be used properly by a SEO expert to further boost organic awareness.

Team is always mentioning about wanting to have organic investors, having proper SEO will also bring in organic viewers and visitors through google search engine by appearing on first page for certain important key words.

Hope the team can consider.


+1 In terms of GLOBAL audience reach out, definitely a YES to use the words STAKING instead of DELEGATE.

Let’s hear what are the team’s thoughts on this, what intention are they trying to bring by using the words DELEGATE. Otherwise, lets go for STAKING.

Yup, just a play of words. I know there’s a difference between pure staking and staking through delegation. That’s why, we can always just add both in like what i mentioned above ^.

Picture is an explanation by Cardano - using both words.

I agree. Name it staking

An example of a great staking calculator is Bitcoin Exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange | Trading Platform | Waves

You can drag the bar to see how much you can earn just by playing around with the slider. This is so underrated and it actually catches a lot of people’s attention. It makes people stay on the website longer, including bookmarking it.

Slick and cool staking calculator by Waves → Daily / Weekly / Monthly - Passive income

Also, their layout of website and colors are so pleasing to the eyes. Very neat.