Checking..fx claiming eth gas

Hi there. I am trying to claim a few hundred fx from delegating time. I have around 300 dollars of ether gas. Never the less the past 7 days I tried all times of the day / night to claim but only received the note of insufficient eth… I would like to know, anyone who knows the actual eth gas price right now for claiming? Did someone managed it to claim today or the days before? Txs :slight_smile:

Hi, here in link LINK you can find ‘Gas costs heatmap’ . It can help to find time windows with big probability of lowest fees in the week.
Then for better ‘headshot’ of lowest gas you should check
ETHERSCAN for at least few minutes to check local gas peaks and bottoms. When near to bottom, try to claim in fx wallet.

Txs 4 helping so far.
I tried for several hours day and night. Both fx and pundi x rewards still insufficient ether ( while I had around 300 dollar)

While sending from the ether wallet right now is working and is giving a fee of 11 dollar now. But claiming still not possible.

Any idea further? Anyone that managed to claim the past days?

Using fx wallet on latest iOS version 191

Have been checking the gas fees for weeks, and managed to claim with fees 70 - 80 usd earlier today. Best time is on weekends when network is not so busy and fees are less than 100usd usually.

Txs…that is the strange situation. I do have 270 dollar of ether at the moment. So that should be enough to find a moment to claim… shouldn’t it? I already asked support to look at this, unfortunately still no reaction…