@christophe67 (ID: 478891995) Unban Request

Telegram username: @christophe67
Group you were banned from: Pundi X Officiel Francais
Approximate time of ban: midle of march 2021
The reason you think you were banned for:
more and more people have ask evrything the same question before de swap for npxs to pundix…Where i must send,what i must make…And the answers are evry 10 messages…
nobody whant to scroll to see the answer and evry time the same.
I think i have a ban wenn i have post a wallet adress for npxs for joke.
mayby the moderator have not apreciate.
I am sorry.
Other mentions: that the message i have 6 weeks after my request for bann with google form:

-Hello, you’ve submitted an unban request in the past through our google form, since we no longer use that form to process unban requests, I will provide you with a quick guide to help you get unbanned.

After discussing with @MarcusLeBlanc, which is an admin of the French group, your unban request was approved. You may now join the group over at Telegram: Contact @pundix_fr