Claiming FX rewards error

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Hi, I posted into a “Claiming staked rewards failed and Eth lost”, but I think is quite different.

I click on the “Send” button:

Then this message appears directly, I cannot select “Fast”, “Normal” or “Low”, it simply doesn’t let me do anything (I have around 0.025 ETH for fees):

@PundianX : given the current ETH fees, what you have left, of ETH, is probable below the low minimal fee.
That’s probably why you don’t even see the next screen. Right now, it’s asking me more than 0.033 ETH to redeem my FX reward…

Maybe it is what you say. That’s crazy… Let’s see if we have enough time to see fees decreasing before 5th December :roll_eyes:

Yep, crazy indeed. For us would be better if eth crashes to get a solid price. Not funny anymore and I hope for many that they still find a suitable moment with decent fee.

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I advised many people back then to keep enough ETH when it was still below 600$…
Now, our chances of having a below 200$ claim fee is close to none. However, I’m expecting a flash crash of BTC in the 2 next weeks. Don’t forget to claim then…

It has to be a problem…

I have Ethereum close to double the actual gas fees, and I can’t claim the FX rewards.

I still can’t select “Fast”, “Normal” or “Low”.

@eduardstal @indra

Unfortunately you need to have some more. I had around 134 and at a good moment it said it costs 119 dollar. It went through for me and eventually used 65.