$CLAN token and Bulk Token Distributor

Hi all,

My proposal is to create:

  1. Token on Function X (Proposed name: $CLAN, i chose this name to show that we are 1 clan - name can be change based on voting if requested by community).
  • $CLAN token will be airdropped to $FX holders (Proposed minimum amount : 1,000 FX, all holders that hold more than minimum amount will receive same amount of $CLAN)
  • Proposed $CLAN supply: 1,000,000 $CLAN
    80% will be distributed to all holders.
    20% will be locked as reserves for developers, and future projects on $CLAN, it will require all holders voting to unlock the reserves in the future. 51% voting is needed to unlock this reserves.
  1. Bulk Token Distributor.
  • Any new token that join the Function X Ecosystem can use this Bulk Token Distributor to airdrop tokens to $CLAN holders. It will work as effective marketing for new projects on Function X.
  • Proposal: Airdrop will be based on the $CLAN amount in the wallet. $CLAN can be exchanged on Function X DEX, so $CLAN value will be increase organically.

1. Number of $FX requested (incubator fund) :
50,000 $FX;

2. Proposal belongs to which segments:
Developer Fund;

3. Incubator fund distribution timeframe and milestones:

  • Prototype stage: 10,000 $FX
  • Testing and Revision stage : 10,000 $FX
  • Completion: 20,000 $FX
  • Marketing budget: 10,000 $FX

4. Description of the proposal, including the name of the proposal, mechanics of the proposal, benefits to the Function X ecosystem, team introduction, etc.
My proposal detail has been explained above.

5. Reasons the project should be selected and supported and competitive analysis:
This project will help the organic marketing in Function X Ecosystem. From community, for community.

6. Attachments, such as GitHub link, product prototype, video, planning, blueprint, twitter etc.
I will post more details regarding to this proposal, stay tune and feel free to ask questions.

Do not delete this part
Disclaimer: This poll is just a tool to get the sentiment around this proposal and it will NOT affect on-chain voting in any way. If your proposal is getting a good sentiment around the community, it might signal that the proposal is good to go to the next phase, otherwise, some modifications might be necessary.

  • YES
  • NO

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it seems to me that everyone who offers only new tokens did not quite understand the essence correctly


There has to be some utility to it or else it’s just another s*coin.


Am sorry too say… creating a coin without a very unique usecases.

Crypto shouldn’t base on just trying to give easy money out there.
If the project is solid, you can always work on marketing strategy by airdropping to people who market for your project.

Pls lets crack our brain, lot of ideals… Real ideas… real problems to solve…

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  • What user case will you be adding? just a coin for coin sake is not really interesting,

  • The 20% lockup will be problematic to unlock, a 100% vote (all holders) will never happen and thus permanently lock the coins.

  • I look forward to the further detail as mentioned in point 6


I support the feedback in looking for use cases… But I like how you proposed your idea quick and to the point Like @DavidK suggested us to do! Looking forward for more ideas from you @darlene… I encourage it!! #PundiXFamily #FunctionX #MassAdoption #XPOS

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Meme coins can still be created without company funds even if company doesn’t want to fund it.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see any value proposition yet to warrant a grant.


hi zac
i’am irpan from indonesia
i want to advertising pundi x in indonesia
i want make a gift like cup coffe with pundix brand on it
shirt pundix on in it

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Sound like same idea as Karincatraders. I like it.


check out pundi merchandise on their web page, you can also submit your own designs

This is for the moment a no for me.
Simply because of no utility …

I also see no value, sorry