Clarity ASAP

Hi Team, alot of confusion on social media about staking. People saying different things about when to claim/redeem stake. People are confused what it means if staking does not hit target. Will it go live, will they have to restake, will it be on ethereum. If does go live, do we keep our Fx staked or do we stake it with validators etc
It is just really hard to answer people’s questions when I don’t know them myself. It would be good if we could have clarity. And if the team needs time to make decisions (which I completely understand) then could we have a tweet or something for a date when the team will answer all questions. Also could people please post any questions they need clarity on in the comments. Most things have FAQ so I think this is normal to expect this. I have thousands of Fx and so like others just want to know what’s going on. I understand that the team might be focused on el salvador atm or have the weekend off. Completely understandable, but also this FX stake is a massive part of the project too.

I love the project, love the team I am not being negative just want to be able to answer people’s questions.


Stay staked in FX until we get the 75mil target up to the 21st, Was Davids answer from the pundi teams reply to me, they are preparing something; I’m guessing they are waiting until tomorrow, the contract is to the 15th people you know this, claim any time you want best between the 16th an 21st; just stay staked until we reach the requirement in FX or told otherwise, 21st is end expectation time so we will know for pundi before then tust in it

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Hopefully the team will help out because people are withdrawing their stakes if I look at the preview page…

if they don’t under stand they know nothing anyway, if it don’t happen we will probably start a new stake with bigger rewards, I’m hopeful a whale will sort it tomorrow, people keep panic posting it no wonder people are confused

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Three key points.

  • 16th - 21st June is the window for users to claim their first reward in order to qualify for 100% reward. Even if you miss the window, as long as you do it before 30th June you will qualify for 100% reward The window is just safety buffer.

  • We encourage you NOT to redeem until we hit 20% of total supply staked. Claim between 16th - 21st June but NOT redeem.

  • Once you have claim your first reward, you can claim in multiple times 5th December or just claim it once right before 5th December. Both will get you ~100% reward but the latter will safe gas fees.

Just to be clear, redeem is withdrawing your principle, and claim is withdrawing your reward.


Is there anything to say already about the scenario in which the 20% staking supply is not achieved?

Can you already give us a hint or idea what will happen then?

Will staking period be extended or will team add some more or….??

Or is that yet to be determined?

I’m afraid that, the longer this is uncertain, more people will redeem in the meantime.


I have waited a long time for mainnet. I was counting days from when staking started. Let’s launch.

Thank you for this Zac, I hope this helps clear up things for the holders who did not watch the AMA.

I’m also afraid for this

Yep, me too. This will change the game, and it’s necessary to clarify everything now.

What will happen if we don’t reach 100%? will we start all over again?

Please @zaccheah, we all know the technical work behind you all do every day, but if you want real supporters, communication is key.

More communication, more clarity, more marketing (thinking in @rob)… More business thinking not only technical is necessary here. Maybe it’s necessary to hire more business people, and here you have very talented people who support you around the world.

Think about all of this and thank you for your efforts.

Let’s do this community and team. :muscle: :muscle:



Thankyou for your answer zac, look forward to more info in the near future. Thankyou

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