Classic fx enquiries

Hi Team

So I was wondering what are the long or short term plans for fx-classic coins?

With this regards, which you’re very aware of, is that the validators don’t have the fxEVM - to - fx classic easy low cost swap (which could be a thing using some liquidity to swap via fx-swap platform).

At the moment the fx-bridge is the only solution for fx classic to be usable, can delegate actually but feel it is scattered across the app. It will circle back around to the same issue.
Do consider we have two fx wallets, as well as two unsynced coins floating around.

Unifying validators withdrawal/and holdings to the main fx-evm is the obvious preference.

However, more to the point, can the team confirm plz if the fx classic is something that will be faded away in time? or keeping for validators…

@Richard or @lancelai thank you both.

Hi !

I’m no team, but you shouldnt worry about that.
Actually, FX classic and FX (EVM) are the same. It’s just a different address. The thing is that FX (EVM) is using a sensibly different encryption algorithm (ethsecp256k1) when FX is using secp256k1.
That’s why it was probably preferable to create a new address and migrate your tokens .
Actually, since your public key is now different, your 0x address also had an equivalent in fx1… format.
So, don’t worry. Even if they phase it out from FxWallet, there will still be an easy way out.
One way would be to set the withdraw reward or commission address to an FX equivalent of the 0x address.
To summarize:
Your seedphrase → a public-private key pair
Your public key → one FX classic (fx1…) address, one FX (EVM-0x) address, another FX (fx1…) address.
So, a correspondence will always be possible as long as you don’t loose your seedphrase.


Thanks FrenchXcore.

Oh how are we with university students? I was meant to ask a while back.

Well, they graduated and started their own business. Guillaume recently wrote about starting the French community.

Oh it’s Guillaume and Co, I see. I thought it was something else with many many students. All the best to them, I hope they do well.

Well, it might come. But we need to federate the project in France first to make some noise.

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why i not see fx classic in wallet ???

You can add f(x)Core Classic under ‘Manage Assets’.

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i see network , but not see tokens inside , but on etherscan they on my adress

not see tokens in my network fx classic

Your tokens are on the Ethereum network. Check under your Ethereum address.

→ You have not bridged into f(x)Core.

f(x)Core Classic is the old network.
f(x)Core is the new and EVM compatible network.

for me send tokens in fx classic networkand i not see it

What is your address? Let me check.


fx classic adress


eth adress

It seems like you delegated to Singapore Validator.

Check your assets under ‘Delegate FX Classic’.

i ask about another 2 fx tokens … i send on wallet for update network for fee…delegate i see

I don’t see any recent transaction that you made.

The latest transaction is 380 days ago.

You don’t have any FX on this address too.