Coinbase as Public Validator for Staking/Delegating

Can we have Coinbase also as a public validator? Coinbase already validators for ADA and ATOM.

Coinbase becoming our validator will increase trust in FX Core ecosystem also.

It will create more decentralization and small holders will be able to instantly stake in coinbase without having to bridge.

Even with 21 day lock period lots of small holders will stake/delegate, making ecosystem more secure and price stable.

What do you think @zaccheah @Peko @BlueStitch @DavidK @indra @eduardstal

Benefit is people with as low as 100FX will be able to delegate easily


This would create more interest and participation in securing network for sure, smaller holders would benefit the most not needing to deal with those nasty ETH fees.


Sounds like a very interesting option indeed. The easier you make it for the smaller holders the more interested they will be as well to join the FX ecosystem.


yeah coinbase being a validator would be huge and it only costs like 100k, which they would actually never touch… its a perfect win win situation…

very nice idea


Excellent idea :+1:


Love the idea. But from technical perspective this looks quite hard to implement while coinbase is using erc-20 tokens. But who knows, maybe it’s just my overthinking.