Coingecko data for uniswap missing and Reddit social not connected

The Uniswapv2 info for the fx pair has been disrupted for a few days. I contacted Coingecko about it but got the response that the team should contact them to fix that.
Would it be possible for someone on the team to chase this issue?

I also noticed that the Reddit connection in the social tab has not been made yet, so if someone would reach out, then that could maybe also taken care of? 2 bird, one stone situation so to say.

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I’ll reach out to them, thanks for pointing it out. As for the uniswap pair, v3 is the one that should be displayed instead of v2, right?

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i’m familiar with what version should be displayed, it did do v2 for a while, but if it is v3 now, that would explain the issue.