CoinmarketCal News & Banner corrections

Hello Team.

In addition to my other post I would like to check on what we need to do to have official news be put onto Coinmarketcal.

I could begin this process myself and putting ETA dates on things and filling out the entire entry but I would like to check with the team to see if anyone would be doing it in a official manner before proceeding.

This type of quality information distribution is critical for us moving forward.

In addition to providing more transparency to outsiders looking in to invite them to join us this effort can also be used to generate goodwill interest around events as Coinmarketcal does algorithmic trend suggestions when many things all fall in line.

Another item that falls in line with general news items about FX is the lack of exchange banner information being correct.

Bithumb, one of our exchanges has news banners that are over a year out of date. As well as CMC which we know is also not responding but it is case in point. Coingecko is much better but again, has no news about the mainnet launch, or other significant events around the project.

It is almost like the wider crypto world has not been informed of the mainnet launch at all yet.

Is this the job of the community to pressure the exchanges such as Bithumb into updating their banners?



CC @indrawinarta