Community designed D-xpass cards?

Just a thought if the team decided a community based design for the Dxpass cards would be a fun idea…

Same time allowing one lucky artist/s to have a piece of history.

Maybe a nft special cards would be a good idea @zaccheah, very limited editions.

Then again it doesn’t have to be the D-xpass, can be the normal ones too.

How do the communities feel about this idea?


if the NFT image is going to be on the Xpass / D-Xpass card I would make it the only card that can have that Image, this way a person could have an NFT image they already own put on an Xpass cards giving the xpass true value and unique owner ship, Maybe a Daoverse editions involving our Blindbox NFT’s and the Xpass purchase made from PURSE rewards. :thinking:

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That’s a great idea. I like that.

Can you imagine if the team were able to tap into the bored Ape nft cards and such.

Sahil has many connections with them (and nft in general), and maybe if the team @zaccheah speaks with Sahil to see what can be achieved here… Granted they would need to have XPOS devices. But its a good start imo to have a conversation at the very least.

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I think a Pundian Club NFT Xpass card in Both Xpass or D-Xpass should be created though; for the long term Holders Club benefits & special future Priority’s

What sort of benefits (any ideas yet… ) sounds good. Remember that lady said something similar, she mentioned the NFT club (I think one other guy something about 777 club). She can jump on here with some ideas maybe, or us over at her post. Let me see if I can find the thread, but we both replied to her.

Edit update - Found it:

Please also see this post @0xc33, we stumbled on the same idea.