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If you haven’t read the eduardstal’s answers for the Turkish Community, you can check right here:

He gives us the opportunity to trust more than ever that this gonna change the game because of the Mainnet Launch.

For this reason, we must to provide some guides from the community to the community about the communication. So I just want to number a few points I think are needed, but you know that you can say whatever you want, any changes, adds or whatever, feel free!!

We have to tell a “story”, the Function X story. Also we cannot forget to keep pushing those tweets calling for whales to join the FX stake event. This is what I think must be done:

  1. I don’t know when but the Mainnet will launch, that’s for sure. So we have to express our most enthusiasm about this launch, that the goal is gonna be reached, and the Mainnet will be alive. Maybe a circle that @rob did made as a GIF increasing the % number until 100%.

  2. You know that a lot of fudders will appear, BUT this time they will fail. So it’s important to focus on their comments, saying things like “I gonna keep this comment for the future” or something like that. And when the Mainnet will be alive just quote a pair of those tweets telling them that they are on time to joining again. We must change those fudders into supporters o just non-fudders.

  3. For telling the Function X story I think is needed to start at the beginning, touching Pundi X and the XPOS. Then, we must point out the most important milestones achieved like BOB OS, Chainlink collab, El Salvador… And finally, we have to put this Mainnet Launch and the things are in coming. This have to be a @rob 's magic job and to creat a GIF or something like that, a video is too much I think.

This is just an initial structure, but I want to discuss with all of you about: What have to be said on each point? Do you think there’s a better way or structure for this? What have to remark on the Function X story?

Please feel free to comment your opinion about all this.


Great points, @PundianX. Here are my thoughts!

1: I’m uncertain if a countdown, on it’s own, will contribute to new people coming into the projects. However, if we change the focus and make the countdown revolve around the benefits and opportunities the mainnet launch will bring – especially in the unbanked part of the world – could be intresting.

It could also be smart to put it in context to El Salvador, and now Paraguay. What is happening there, with Bitcoin is a big deal - not just in crypto but in the global economy. That means that people outside of crypto could be interested in learning more about our project.

2: I think this is a great idea to collect all the FUD arguments, and prepaire counter arguments. These could be visualized in some “easy to understand” statements that everybody gets it. This will arm our entire community with powerful tools to post in the face of the haters when they are trying to attack PUNDIX and FUNCTION X.

In that context I think it’s important to note that I don’t believe our main focus should be to convert the fudders to supporters. I think this is a losing battle since many people just want to see the world burn. However, I think we should focus on preventing the fudders from scaring away potential new investors who are first learning about PUNDIX and FUNCTION X by doing their research. If they stumble upon hateful comments that aren’t handled, It can really be destructive for the growth of our community.

3: I think it’s great to tell an overarching story of FUNCTION X and PUNDIX. I think the narrative should be focused on the bigger vision of the project – what is our overall purpose? We could still highlight milestones, but everything is put into a bigger context.

I know for a fact, that the reason I fell in love with the project back in 2017-2018 was the vision to “bank the unbanked”. That purpose is more relevant today than ever before. I think there is a lot to gain form getting that story across in the marketing.

If you have 18 minutes to spare, I highly recommend watching this TED talk by Simon Sinek on why people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. I think this way of thinking is very relevant in defining the overarching narrative for FUNCTION X and PUNDIX:


There was such a good talk. Definitely Simon Sinek knows how to communicate feelings not just simple and empty words

These :point_down: must be printed inside all of us.

Thank you for your thoughts and opinions, they are always on the right direction.

I agree with you about not telling people “join us because we are going to launch a Mainnet and doing more things bla bla bla”, we must keep focusing on what this project really was made for: “Bank the unbanked”, nice and clear, this message is really powerful btw.

These countries, El Salvador & Panama (ElSa & Pa), are the “early adopters and innovators” (linking to the TED talk), and people around the World will not believe us until ElSa & Pa did.

In addition, think is necessary for PundiX and FunctionX to create a Spanish Social Media (also other languages) for letting people know what’s going on this project, what are our aims, WHY are we here, etc.

This WHY could be said by our story. Why all this was founded? By whom? Theirs aims? Theirs vision? Defining exactly what is our ideal costumer, and giving to him/her the reasons to be identify with us.

All this information summed up, well designed and in different languages should work.

Also, I think is quite necessary, apart of marketing, to create ads campaigns focused on our ideal costumer to gain brand value and grow up our community. Then per-to-per talks will do the rest. That’s the main reason I saw necessary to have a strong business team inside PundiX/FunctionX to discuss such as this things and implement them, not the community by themselves.


I suggest to download it in your brain like in the Matrix (not health advice)

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@This_Dutch_guy what do you think about all these thoughts @rob and I said??


I think it be nice if there will be a easy to understand guide written by the community for the community. One that is filled with all the core elements yet simple to read. Could be one for PundiX and FX. That could maybe help with attracting potential new investors. When readed through it and then be interested they will already step in or going into deeper research that would be even more positive bc then they will see the true potential of the projects and hopefully not changing into fudders later. This post as example but then much better written than what i had.

For PundiX would be nice when they see the vid with showing the real life use case of paying crypto via the XPOS and how fast and easy it is. Nice for ppl to see, also nice for merchants to see. Like the vid with Zac in the coffee shop buying a cup of coffee with XPOS. Easy explanation vid and showing the device working.

While it’s important to change the fudders into supporters again, i think at this point is more important to attract new investors. We could try as supporters to change them but same as Rob i think that would not really work bc they probably already lost hope in both projects. That’s why the constant fud and sometimes aggresive reactions. Those ppl will be difficuilt to change.

I think for that to change the price should go up. Now all they see is that it keeps going down feeling hopeless. After all, one that didn’t DYOR good only seeing the price dropping and thinking it won’t go back up anymore so thinking it as a scam.

When they spread fud around then yes it be good to have counter reactions in our arsenal with straight facts and positive stuff. When it’s a very aggresive then in my opinion you can throw whatever at them, good or bad just to make them stop. Idiots doing that should be treated as a idiot.

Furthermore the biggest group of investors come from Turkey and the biggest concentration of fud too so far i see. I don’t know if we have a Turkish community where could be freely spoken in the own language but if not then that’s needed. I’m very happy that @Serhatx would like to help ppl with answers in the own language. A language barrier should not exist.

Also a Spanish community should also be good with the rise of South America and to remove a possible language barrier there

Lastly yes i think it be great if we have a sort of story about the beginning, the idea’s behind it, great milestones, what to expect in the future and then Rob’s magic over it letting it look super nice.

One for all and all for one⭐️


Small video like these is what is needed.


But what’s important about this video is that, it’s not at a store, or someone purchasing something, but rather someone just showing it can be done.

This small yet redundant action locks the person in, therefore making them want to experience or try as well.

The marketing strategy has to be in the streets. Community. Personal. This is where brand Ambassadors come into play.

A real drive can be pushed forward if there were career opportunities available to have people in the streets working and “proving” they are making progress in relation to adoption.

But first a decentralized xpos must be available. I have spoken with 7 business owners that are good friends of mine that will not move forward due to extensive kyc. And I don’t blame them. It doesn’t make sense when you can just use any wallet and receive payment via crypto.

It’s now at the point where there is a need for a brand Ambassador team to drive more awareness and use case, or will get flooded with others proving it can be done, example being lighting network, strike, bitpay and more.


If you Plan a teaser or Trailer Video which needs a voice I could record something. Just give me a call.

This was on twitter… If accurate; helpful point of focus for info/marketing.

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