Community promo push FX

In the FX Market telegram group we did a poll for a community promo push of FX on social media.

The result of the poll was to do the first promo push on friday, May 21st!

It would be nice if more of us would participate with this, in order to increase the visibility of FX!

In the end we will all benefit from this!

So find us in the FX market group on telegram, and let’s get this fire burning on the 21st of May!


Twitter “Spaces” chat would explode :rocket::rocket::rocket:

People really like learning about the XPOS. From the spaces I’ve been in so far it’s been amazing because it allows the community to come up and talk like never before.

People are having proactive talks with all the likes of people with efficiency.

I would love to be a part of getting this together as I have some bigger community spaces I’m participating in.

@zaccheah & @DavidK can we make this work?


I have +230 followers on Twitter (related to cryptocurrencies and Spanish speakers), just tell me what you want to do.


On May 21st at 19:00 UTC+2 we are going to start the campaign to spread the awarness, we are in the FX market group organising this


Ok, thanks @Walter_FX_FunctionX!!

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On cmc they have new bèta option “social price estimate”
Its almost at the bottom of the coin overview page.

Lets all do a reasonable and positive price prediction there for fx for next 6 months.
Maybe it helps with the awareness action.