Community Wizards : Validator Node

Hi all,

As the most senior member of Community Wizards, I want to announce that we are planning to set up a validator node. The main objective is to participate and contribute to the FX ecosystem. We have several ideas for the near future, and I will announce when the plan is confirmed.

As a note, this node will be run independently by Wizards team and we will join the governance voting by following the majority votes from our delegators.

That’s all for now. We are setting up the things and will be happy if you have any inputs for us.

Thank you.


Awesome I would be happy to back the Wizards;
cheers Dorothy


Thanks for the support. We will post more updates here.


Good job good idea. I will glade to see you there. Good luck !


Name of node: Wizards? :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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Let the curiosity remains for a few days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi all,

Our validator node is up.

We will open the Discord soon. Stay tuned on our twitter:


How did you get over 1.5m in staking by starting new? Its concerning. Need explanation about backers

Let’s assume the team backed the validator with voting power (delegations), like they did with every other validators.


I started with zero and could nearly do the same being in this project since 2018; I’m sure a few staff members would easily have that quantity in their own private risk in this project by now to share a node; not that a team node wouldn’t automatically back a node created by prestigious project members, people can also flip validators in an instant if it was 21 days since they last flipped validators. 1.5 million may seem like a lot to a newbie but not for those that have been around a while and managed their risk well.


Nothing concerning. It could be the staff’s own private holdings or just the team re-allocating the tokens into a community node which was what everyone wanted in the first place, to have the tokens spread out in a more fair manner.

Decentralization is slowly paving its way into the function x ecosystem. You should be celebrating instead.


:mage: :magic_wand:


Congrats, look forward to some of the ideas and stuff you have in mind.

Fun fact…

Why is Dr Strange a Sorcerer and not a wizard?

However, in the Marvel universe, everyone is born with the ability to use magic naturally, they just need to learn how to tap into their potential. This means that technically everyone in the Marvel universe is a Sorcerer. If they didn’t have the innate ability, then Dr Strange would be a Wizard.


Happy Easter!!


good job
lets growing together

good information bro. nice keep this up

Good job, good project