Who are our competitors in the market ?
What are they doing and how can be inspired by their strategies?

last response to this question by the team was; Regulators! we don’t have competitors in my view anything offered up by other payment solution providers only enhances the use cases of PUNDIX payment services

So there aren’t any crypto projects out there offering POS devices ?

And in case there is, do any of them have their own blockchain ?

it don’t matter the world is to big, they will only assist the adoption of all crypto pos payment acceptance, PUNDIX is the first crypto payment system on blockchain, I’m sure there are others in the works. we don’t need to own the world plenty of room for others

yes i know it’s ok and that the world is big , but who are the other projects ? this is my question

This is the pundix group bro Go hit the web, i don’t know i’m not looking for competitors

if you don’t know the answer to my question then why are you clogging up the topic. my question is related to Function X and thus it belongs in this forum.

sorry i did get the projects mixed it’s all one to me, to ad to that I don’t see FX in competition they are an alliance chain that wants to work with all networks that wants to connect to our eco system, FX is on par with many new layer 1 blockchains; what defines ours is we have our own purpose build payment system system built on the core chain with real stores and real world working products. If I had to define FX I would say Financial Products, defi dex

P.S all members will see this if they have something to ad they would, just because I go to the bother to give you the respect of an answer, dose not mean i’m stopping any other having input

I did not receive the respect of an answer when you asked me to :

But anyways , thanks for your input

I’ve been looking for one decentralized point of sale, and I couldn’t fins any right now.
Many of them are centralised, especially all relying on MasterCard and visa (including Binance card, CRO’s, etc.).
But none are decentralized and offer a 5-sec max response time to any transaction.
I was even wondering if some action could be taken with radio-amateurs to keep offering a working service in case all communications were going down at some point. That would be the ultimate payment network !!!

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Actually there is a competition for XPOS out there but it’s not as advanced and programmable as the XPOS. It’s not popular but I’ll put up the name when next I come across it.


Their is another wallet that looks like a calculator much simpler to use that does not require online connection. I’ve just not been able to get the name for some time though