Cosmos roadmap v2 and redistribution

Hi @DavidK , @zaccheah and the whole team !

I was wondering… FxCore and PundiXChain are both derived from Cosmos ecosystem and code.
Those ecosystems are living and 100%-funded by the Cosmos community, and all derived chains since then (Osmosis, Iris, etc.).

All of them are sending airdrops to CosmosHub to “thank them” for the hard and continuous work provided (including interchain mechanisms).

I have multiple questions:

  1. Does FX and PUNDIX intend to do the same, especially since we are using IBC, orchestrators, EVM, etc. ?
  2. Does FxCore and PundiXChain envision to join the full Cosmos ecosystem at some point (Keplr wallet, Mintscan, etc.) ?
  3. How do you envision to subscribe to the Roadmap v2 ?
  4. Do you think of integrating future modules upgrades or new modules (ICS for example) ? like those in v7 Theta upgrade (with ICA and IBC 3.0.0)
  5. Do you intend to implement the CosmWASM features which should be provided with the v8-Rho upgrade ?



Very interesting question, I also see a lot of similarities with cosmos. It would be nice to see the same success on the side of Fx. But the difference for me is that we have devices (Xpos) ready for take an advantage.


Could you please give an example of what is ready to be used?